Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saturday Reunion at Scera Park

Last Saturday we had a little family get together.  
It was sandwiched between all sorts of events such as moves, graduations, marathons, vacations, and other summer fun.  
Grandma B told us a few weeks ago about the plans. 
We were signed up to run the 1/2 marathon, so we were worried about making it on time.
(well, Rick wasn't worried about making it on time...he was worried about ME being able to make it on time.)
But, we arrived before the blessing on the food!!
Cole had been counting down the days to see his cousin, Klead.
He kept asking, "is today the day of the party with my cousin?" 
Here are the boys in action.
It was about 98* outside.
They didn't slow down, except to each chips and drink.

Random shots of the group...

Grandma Bette

Kamilla was giving pedicures...
 Kamilla is giving me a pedicure/glitter toes.
You can tell because of my John Huntsman shorts and the ugly feet.
Summer and Grandma
Cousins  Scera Park  August 21, 2011
Sierra, Cole, Kamilla, Klead

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