Saturday, August 27, 2011

fishing at Scofield


Kelli & Cole


Kelli & Cole

Cole and Sierra
These are just a few fun shots of our day of fishing while in Scofield a few weeks ago.
I didn't have a license, so Cole and I occupied ourselves with new camera apps and worms.
Not at the same time.
I was occupied with the camera.
Cole was occupied with the worms.
Until he got bored and started throwing handfuls of rocks of the bridge.
Fishing ended shortly after the rocks were thrown.

We did have an encounter with a nice man from the Division of wildlife something something.
He asked who was fishing and checked for licenses.
He asked who was driving the 4-wheeler (Summer) and checked her license.
He also check for helmets which we were all wearing.  Not while fishing.  Only while driving.
He also checked our registration.
Then he told us what bait to try.
And chatted with us for 30 minutes.  
What a great job that guy has.

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