Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hobble Creek 1/2

Well, I had big plans to train and get my best time ever.  But, then life happened and training took a back seat.  I thought that I would continue running after the Utah Valley 1/2 and get my best time ever.  I think I ran a grand total of 13 miles in the 2 months between Utah Valley and Hobble Creek.  The week before the race I had hoped to get in a 10 mile run just to reassure myself that I could run at least 10 and if you can run at least 10 you can finish a half marathon.  Usually.  Well, the 10 mile run never happened.  So, then I thought I should just back out.  But, I couldn't do that.  So, I got up at 3:30 am and did my best.  It was so blasted hot.  I was so glad I did it.  That canyon is so dang pretty.  I just kept looking around at the surroundings the whole time I was running.  That's why my time was slow!!  haha.  I was proud of myself for finishing that one.   And I ran the ENTIRE thing--except water break areas.  And just like last year...Rick ran at his own pace (much faster than my pace).  He finished and then walked back to meet me (at about mile 12).  And we ran the last mile together.  So much fun.
Until the next day.  When I COULD NOT WALK.  And the day after was even worse.  The only thing that didn't hurt were my calves.  Seriously.  My back, my thighs, my arms, my hips, my neck and, of course, my feet.  But not my calves.  Rick says that I have calves of steel.  I would prefer abs of steel or buns of steel.
My time was 2 hours 47 minutes.  Not great.  But, I finished and that's a win for me!!


Amara said...

Huh. My calves were like the sorest things on me --wait. My hammies --wait. Everything below my waist. That canyon was spectacular. First time I've run right fork (duh --I thought left fork was the course so I've done all my training runs up that side) and it was amazing. Not a fan of the hour and a half wait for the start, and the no medal thing though...

Carroll Family said...