Thursday, September 1, 2011

Michiganders Reunion in Utah

last weekend there was a Michiganders in Utah Reunion.
Rick had to work but I took the kids.
All who lived in a 2-3 ward area over about 10 years were invited.
I have to say that as hard as it was to live through Michigan winters that last 9 months and only see 5 hours of daylight in the dead of winter...
From the first time I went to the Grand Blanc ward at 9 months preggo to when we moved 3 years later,
I had the best friends.
The only problem...we all lived about 40 minutes from each other.
Good thing that Katie lived right in the middle.
And good thing that she loved to host a party.
And good thing our kids were the same ages and got along wonderfully...
(except when Kira crawled on top of Sierra and ate her head at the Easter egg hunt and the guys were too busy with video cameras and the ladies were too busy with cameras of their own to notice...)

Katie and Kelli 
Gabe and Summer 
Michigan Babies...Sierra & Kira
All of the Michigan Kiddos...McKade, Kira, Gabe, Sierra, & Summer

Marty, Katie, Kelli
Klixi, Katie, Kelli
Klixi got a hold of everyone she could find and the word spread on Facebook.  A lot of friends were missed, but it sure was good to see some old familiar faces.  Thanks everyone.  I had a great time.

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rin said...

When did you live in MI? We were in the Burton Ward when Jeremy did his residency there!