Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Last Look at Summer 2011

While we were in Scofield a few weeks ago, we loaded up the Rhino/Razor, filled the water bottles and cooler, grabbed the new GPS and headed out for the day.
 Rick was the leader.
 Sierra and I were at the back...

The flowers were in bloom and it was so beautiful.

 This was our first stop for a geocache.
On top of Skyline Dr.
 Cole found the cache in a pile of rocks.

 This was another cache that we found.  It was right off the path, but it was straight down hill.

 This was a really cool place for a cache.  The hallow log was awesome.
And the view of the valley/Fairview was amazing.

A really nice shot of my dirt covered face.
It was absolutely gross.
Just imagine what my snot looked like.

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Amara said...

Are those the Lupines again? They were in bloom on top of Timp when we hiked Monday, but honestly those look more like Delphiniums. I'm now thinking about your snot. Thanks.