Friday, September 2, 2011

School Days

Cole's Activity of Choice
The first week of School, Cole had Kindergarten testing, so he did not go to school.
I think that is the meanest thing in the world to do to a kid...and his mom.
Cole was occupied by spending a few of those days in Scofield.
And then when he was home with me, I let him choose an activity.
Of all things...he wanted to color on paper towels with markers and eat wheat thins. 
Then we waited on the front porch for the bus to bring Sierra home.

I had to drop Summer off early on the first day of school since she had never been to school at the Jr. High even though she's in 9th grade.
She had to make sure she could find and open her locker.
She found it.  And opened it.  with the help of a 7th grader.

Sierra's first day of school WITH COLE.

Cole was too nervous to eat breakfast.
But I made him choke down his piece of wheat toast before he could go to the bus.
 Luckily the bus stop is right in front of the house.  
Rick got up to see Cole get on the bus on his first day of school.
He had only gotten about 3 hours of sleep, so he went back to bed.
Cole actually let me hold his hand and walk him to the bus stop.
Except every time I see this picture my eyes go straight to my butt.  what's up with that?

He stood in the bus line with Sierra, holding her hand the entire time.
After Cole got on the bus, I drove to the school and went to his classroom with a bunch of other bawling moms.  I was fine until they read the book, "The Kissing Hand"and gave the kids a heart to give to their moms.  There were lots of tears.  Mostly moms.
He had the biggest grin when he got off the bus.


Leslie said...

awwww its so bitter sweet isnt it. They love it but it tugs at the heart!

Oh and the reason your eyes go to your because thats one nice lookin butt. lol

Amara said...

Ummm --yeah. Before you'd said anything I was thinking "what a great picture of a backside!" -- are those those good jeans? That's so sweet that Cole was too nervous to eat breakfast. But then I think of him as sweet anyway.