Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Sierra Jean

Sierra was born in Grand Blanc, MI just a couple of weeks after we moved from MO.
This is Sierra's blessing day.
I bought this dress over labor day weekend when we went to Birch Run over Labor Day.
It was $12 at the Gap outlet.  It was size 6 months.  
I didn't even know if I was having a boy or a girl.
(We were sooo poor)
The poor dress was so big, we had to take the buttons off and move them in to try to make the dress fit better.
Sierra was such a good baby.  
Don't you love those big blue eyes?

When Sierra was 6 months old we visited Utah for a few days for a mission farewell.

This was taken in Michigan.
We were out in the yard playing while we waited to go to Gracie Oswin's Birthday Party. 
(Sierra and Grace were almost the same age--Grace was born just before the move to MI and Sierra was born just after the move.)
Some random pictures from Sierra's baby book.

In June 2001, we took a road trip to Palmyra. 
We camped at Niagara Falls.  It was cold.  Sierra was such a good baby.

Taken in MI on July 4, 2002
Sierra has always had a "thing" for rocks.
Summer had just started Kindergarten and Sierra wanted to do everything Summed did.
So, she got her "school books" and her "school clothes".
This is the first day that I was finally able to french braid her hair.

July 2003 in Scofield.
One of my favorite pictures ever.

When we lived in Mississippi, we were able to go to DisneyWorld.
Rick had a conference in Orlando that was paid for, so he drove and we tagged along.
Sierra was so embarrassed to be held by such a handsome prince.
New Orleans (notice Sierra's darling crab beads)

Destin, FL

Summer, Sierra and Colbie Caliet.  Seriously.

Summer, Sierra and Cole 
Capitol Reef 2010

March 2011

A few things about Sierra...
she is a great sculptor.
she makes creative things with yarn and a crochet hook.
she can also knit.
she reads.  a lot.
the last time we counted she had 86 freckles.
She is smart.  I just got her State Testing scores back yesterday.  
She scored above school level & state levels in all areas.  
She scored really high in reading comprehension & vocabulary.  
I would like to think that she inherited that from me, but it probably has to do with the fact that she reads so much.  
She did fairly well in math as well as science.  With the exception of a the section on weather.  
She scored 25% on that section.
Maybe she filled in the wrong bubbles or something.
I'm really not worried about it because as far as weather goes...
there's an APP for that.
Happy Birthday Sierra

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Amara said...

Happy birthday Sierra! I love the last picture the most, but you're right, the one in Scofield is darling.