Sunday, September 18, 2011

Celebrating Fall

The light dusting of snow on Timp and the glimpse of red & orange in the hills this weekend prompted me to get out the Fall Decorations.  I love decorating for fall.  Here is a sneak peak...

The buffet table in the kitchen area.

This is a new acquisition.  We've got a big case for owls this year.

I totally copied this idea off the internet.  I had the wooden plaque thing and the orangish scrapbook paper on hand.  I cut the paper down to fit through the printer.  I found the font on my computer.  I modge podged the paper to the board (that I spray painted black!)  I love a free project.  The kids don't get it.  I laugh every time I walk past it. I don't get out much.

I bought the owl mugs at the Corner Station in Fairview last fall.  I wish they weren't mugs.  I never use mugs.  But they were so cute that I bought them anyway.  Remember the above mentioned owl obsession? 

Rick bought the Trick or Treat blocks at the gift shop at the hospital a few years ago.  They always have cute things at the hospital.  I made the bunting mostly from fabric that my mom passed on to me.   Thanks Mom.

And this little arrangement kept Cole occupied for at least an hour.  I've had this black tree for a few years. Originally I had it decorated with orange pumpkins.  Last year I found the black, purple and green witches.  I let Cole decorate it however he wanted.  He chose a little of everything.  Works for me.

Happy Haunting!!


Leslie said...

How cute!!!

Brandi said...

Now, I have to get out my stuff! Dang it I'm tired!

Amara said...

I haven't even put up my wreath yet. OK OK, I'm on it. I want the trick or treat blocks. Maybe I could make some...get on that craft day thing K?

Amara said...

I forgot that i bought fall soaps at bath and body. Does that count? And I like the plaque

Kristine said...

Lookin' Good! I've got all my "stuff" up & was wondering if it was too early...guess not. I went looking for another one of those owls at HG, but they're all gone. The one thing I've learned about that place is that you better get it while you can.