Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flee Shot

so, yesterday morning Rick mentioned that we should go get our flu shots. Cole was ecstatic. Seriously. He kept skipping around the house, "Flee shot. Flee shot." Then Rick told him that he could not get a flu shot if he couldn't say it correctly. So all day long Cole was practicing, "FLU shot. Flu shot." it was funny. When we got to the health dept. there were about 1,000 other people with that same brilliant idea. CRAZY. They were trying to get people through there as quickly as possible. So, instead of sending us to a private room, they sent us to the end of the waiting room where they just have one of those portable curtains. When the nurse saw us, she looked at the 3 kids and said, "uhhh, we ususally don't let kids get shots here..." (Because when they scream and cry, it's very disruptive to the others who are still in the waiting area.) Rick said, "Really, it will be fine. He's been looking forward to this all day." Cole jumped up on Rick's lap and pulled up his sleeve with a big grin on his face. So, the nurse said, "OK, I'll give it a try but you might want to hold his arms down and turn his head." Cole seriously watched her get the needle out, poke his arm and give him the shot without even a flinch. The nurse just shook her head as Summer and Sierra lifted their sleeves because they both wanted to be "next".
Next time I need to bribe Cole, I'm going to tell him that he needs another shot.


Leslie said...

I want those kids! I have to seriously hold JENTRY down. Shes 11! Its very embarassing. WTG kiddos!!

Tia and Amara said...

wierd. I wish I'd had Kai there to watch. His shots are not a pretty scene.

Kristine said...

They are 101% Herlevi!