Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunrise over Mauna Kea

This is what I saw this morning when I started my run.  It was really pretty, but what I thought at this moment is the last day to register for the Utah Valley Marathon before the price increases.  I don't know if there is space available for all of the divisions (marathon, half marathon, 5k), but if you still need to register go check it out.

I found a blog where this crafty, seamstress, mama talks about running her first half marathon.  (it was the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2009).
Here are her tips:
1.  You can do it!
2.  Mark your calendar
3.  Be flexible
4.  Training runs are not just for running.
5.  Look good, run good.
6.   Set a goal.
7.  Listen up
8.  Don't underestimate the power of a cheering section.
9.  Find a buddy.
10.  Stay on pace.
11.  Breathe.
12.  Post race food.
13.  Word of Warning.

These are just the key words...if you want the full load go here.

And of course, my favorite tip is 12.  I thought 5 was lame.  
(And 8 didn't apply to my first marathon, Rick was at work and Amara had finished an hour earlier and was already home & showered when I crossed the finish line.)
But, all in all some good tips from a mama who has been there.

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Jacobson Five said...

Ahhh! Jealous, o-well. We are having a real nice day here (low 50's). I know not quite Hawaii, but I'll take it.
How has the running been going? I'm hopefully going to run 7 miles this weekend.
Keep the posts coming. I am enjoying all the pictures.