Saturday, March 26, 2011

more of the same

This was taken in Hawi, a town on the northeast tip of the island.
The words around the edge say, "Broken cups, damaged plates, and discarded satelite dish~~~Tsunami's and earthquakes by Carol & Karen Rosen 2009."
Sierra and Nan are in the bottom right corner if you can spot them.

 One day while Rick and the girls were diving, Cole and I stayed at the Condo and played airplanes.
Can you spot the airplanes on the lava rocks?  We had fun.  Then we had a nap in the shade...

 Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

The photos below were taken at Volcanoes National Park.
This little hike was called "Sulphur Banks"
We weren't able to do it last time because the air quality dropped to unsafe levels and we were forced to take cover in the Visitor's Center where the air is filtered.  It was a fun little hike and reminded me somewhat of Yellowstone National Park.

And this photo is for you, Mom.  It's the Kilauea Caldera.  I'm pretty sure this is where Skye was pushed off into the Volcano.

 This was the Thurston lava tube.  It starts out light and then as you go around the corners and bends, it gets darker and darker until there is no light at all.  We each had a flash light to help us see where to step.  This time we hiked all the way to the very end of the cave.  Water was dripping on us and you could see the big cracks in the lava rock floor.

This picture makes me laugh.  We all turned off our flashlights and Rick took a picture of us.  It took a few tries because we didn't know which directions to look until we saw the flash.  So, this is after about the third try.  Cole never really got the concept of "look towards the camera".
This was not Sierra's favorite part of the day.

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