Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pine Tree Cafe, Big Island Hawaii

When we were on our flight to the Big Island (which, by the way, people are always in a good mood on a flight to Hawaii.  Much more so, than say, on a flight to Atlanta or Houston) we were chatting with the folks sitting around us.  you know, because you get to know people that you sit next to for like 5 hours+.

There was a couple sitting on the row in front of us who are "locals" (people who are lucky enough to live here).  They recommended this place, Pine Tree Cafe.  And you have to trust the locals on matters such as this.  It's located just up the road from the Kona Airport.  In the middle of nowhere.  like the airport.

It always looks busy, with a good mix of locals and those just off the plane.
This is the front counter, where you order.  There is a breakfast menu with items like omelets.  
The lunch menu has sandwiches, burgers, salads and combination plates.
And kids meals,
This is a shot of the drink area.  
Coke & Pepsi if that matters, along with tea and water.
By the time I remembered that I wanted pictures of the food, it was almost gone.
I had a burger.  It was huge.  And delicious.  
I couldn't eat it all and I shouldn't have.
Sierra: french dip
Summer:  grilled Ahi sandwich (highly recommended)
Rick:  Luau pork plate (this was an option that varies each day)
Cole:  chicken strips
We all shared the sides.
Lots of food.  
It was $45 (the same price as the shoes that I wanted to buy, but opted to let my family eat instead)
My only real problem with the entire meal was the amount of disposable plastic, styrofoam and paper that was served with this meal.  Not a green meal, that's for sure.
And the service was fast and friendly.
Rick couldn't leave without a sample of Hawaiian Bread Pudding.
Good.  a hint of coconut (shavings on top and possibly coconut milk)
It was quite heavy, a bite or two was enough.  
NOBODY should eat the entire serving, especially in one sitting.  It was big.  


Amara said...

Mmmm. Bread pudding. I bet people aren't in quite as good a mood on the flight home either....

Jacobson Five said...

I probably could have and would have eaten the whole thing. Maybe not after a big meal, but I take my desserts seriously.