Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 / Tsunami Evacuation

Yes, it's true.  I put my mom on the plane and within a few minutes I got my nerdy little alert on my phone that there was an 8.9 earthquake in Japan.  We were filling up with gas at Costco at the time.

Seriously, my mother does this every time.  She was on the last flight off the Big Island before they started closing airports.  She arrived in Honolulu and boarded the last flight out of Hawaii.  She had no idea until some folks sitting next to her started talking about the tsunami.  She broke the flight rules and called me to check on me.  I was hoping that she would fly home in oblivion, but I guess not.

(This was the VERY.  SAME.  THING.  that happened in Mississippi the day before Hurricane Katrina.  Seriously.  She missed out on the action by a matter of hours.)

So, we drove back to the condo, and started packing our bags.  That's not true.  We went to the Queens' Market to get a shave ice.  Then we drove to the condo.

We turned on the news.  A neighbor checked on us.  He lives here permanently.  He told us where to evacuate to.

We are prepared to...1.  drive out of here  2.  walk out of here   3.  climb/break into the upstairs condo that is currently vacant.

What we are currently doing...1.  laundry  2.  charging all electronic devices  3.  blogging.  4.  finishing off all of the tasty food in the condo  5.  watching the news  6.  scouring the internet for details on mandatory evacuations in our area.

It's 1 am.  We are still on Utah time which is 4 am.  The tsunami will arrive in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

I have photos of the evening so far, however the USB cord is packed into my 72 hour backpack.  So no photos for now.

I think it's time for a game of PHASE 10.

Cole is buried in the sand.  yesterday.  before the tsunami.


missliss5/Melissa said...

You funny girl, you make me smile. Anxious for updates! Take care!

Amara said...

OK, and didn't some sort of thing happen when you guys were there last year too? Some sort of earthquake/tsunami thing? You must be a disaster magnet. OK, that didn't sound as complimentary as I meant :) Maybe you can handle it better than the rest of us?

Jacobson Five said...

Yes, Iwould like some updates as well. How are things? Is your hotel okay? What's the weather like? Are you still having a good time? Keep us posted!!!!