Sunday, March 6, 2011

Volcanoes & Earthquakes

There is a lot to report from the Big Island today.  However, most of it has to do with lava flow and weather.  Not our activities.
First, the lava flow:

This picture is the Pu'u'O'o Crater floor collapsing.  When we were here last year there was no action at all.  No visible lava flow.  No glow.  No ocean entry.  Nada.  Well, the last 2 months there has been significant volcanic activity.  But it tapered off the week before we got here.  Well, the past 3 days has seen a lot of action under Kilauea Caldera.  The earthquake report for March 2nd was 40, 48 on March 3rd, and 25 on March 5.  Lots of seismic activity.
It's big news here.
Most of the earthquakes are on the opposite side of the island, however there was one on Saturday morning on the Northeast side of the island.  We slept right through it.

The photos and information come from the above website.  Pretty cool.  The photos were taken yesterday by Leigh Hilbert, who reports regularly on lava flow, weather changes, and surf conditions.  what a life.

And then Rick and the girls were going to dive, but a "cold" front moved through the islands on Friday.  The result was a high wind warning on Friday and the dive trip was cancelled.  We did some shopping, eating, and sight seeing instead.  
And our trip to the observatories was also cancelled.  We try to go up to the summit of Mauna Kea on the first few days that we are here so that we are still somewhat acclimated to the high altitude (14,000 feet).  After the first few days, one adjusts to the lower elevation and becomes much more likely to experience altitude sickness--especially the kids. 
well, the day we planned on going, Rick declared that the predicted temperature at the top would be about 32*.  NO WAY!  So we didn't go.  Too cold.
Saturday morning, Rick and I got up early to go for a run (not together.  I'm too slow/he's too fast)  I left at 7 am.  68*.  92% humidity/light rain.  It was heavenly.  I was dripping wet when I got back.  The sunrise was beautiful through the clouds and the mist.
But the one thing I noticed when the clouds parted was the fresh blanket of snow on the summit.

This is a view from a webcam.  They had to plow the trails/roads on the top.  No way.  If I wanted a ski trip, I would have stayed home.  Glad we skipped that trip.
So, a good part of the day was spent on the lanai watching the rain and in the hot tub soaking my sore muscles.  

More to come regarding the ukelele festival.

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Amara said...

You don't say!?! Volcano erupting while you're there? Holy cow! Yeah don't go to the stupid stupid snow. It's supposed to snow here tonight. Why do I live here again? Oh yeah --the great neighbors.