Friday, March 18, 2011

A big, big tree

We took these photos when we stopped at Rainbow Falls.  The kids are standing on a ledge far, far away from the tree...
 This is what the base of the tree looks like when they got close to it.
It's just a giant weave of branches, or are they roots...?

 There were a bunch of these trees around and then you look up into the sky, it's just a giant canopy of tree and branches.  It was pretty dark in there, but with the flash most of the pictures appear much lighter in the photos.  I was stepping very carefully because I am prone to tripping/ankle twisting.  Took me forever to get outta there.


Amara said...

What kind of tree is it? Is that a banyan? I remember some story about a banyan tree when I was a kid... Interesting.

Jess said...

Tristan would love to climb that tree! How long is your trip?