Thursday, March 17, 2011

At the beach

We went to this beach while my mom was still here last week.  
It requires a bit of walking in the soft sand which is not awesome.
But, you end up in these areas with trees and it sort of feels like you have your own private beach area,
Well, this (Obviously European) man made his way down to our section of beach.
And would you believe it...he tried to get close enough to pinch my behind.
(not really, but it sure looks like it in this picture Rick took of me)

 I seriously didn't even know he was walking along the beach.  
I didn't see him until he passed me.
But, it made me laugh.  Little did I know what he was up to until I saw the pictures.


missliss5/Melissa said...

You look so GREAT! I hope you are soaking up so much sunshine and a bit extra for me. I WANT SOME SUNSHINE!

Amara said...

You look pretty dang good in a bathing suit! No wonder he had to get a closer look. Maybe he wasn't going to pinch -but he was sure looking!