Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Birthday

Hello March!! that means one thing:  the end of the birthday marathon.  So, here is the birthday wrap up:

 While visiting in the Las Vegas area a few weeks ago, my girls were thrifting with Grandma, Grandpa & Kris.  And my sweet girls spotted this adorable blue pyrex bowl.  I have been collecting the blue & white Amish pattern for the past few years.  I don't have any of this pattern, but when they found it they knew that had found a treasure.  Summer was standing at the counter holding it, waiting to pay, and she had people asking her if she really was going to buy that old bowl.  That's my girl.  So, they have been keeping this little bowl hidden for a couple of weeks until my birthday.  I love it.
 And this is the cake.  Amara made this most delicious cake for me and brought it over on Friday afternoon.  I was trying to hold out until at least Saturday to dig into it, but I found myself drawn to the fridge at about 11 pm while Rick was at work and the kids were all asleep.  I just had a tiny bit and I was pretty sure nobody would notice.  Move over Angel Food Cake--you have been replaced.

 Blowing out the candles.  Watch what Sierra does with her hand.  She didn't want Cole to blow out my candles like he does every time there is a birthday cake.
Then Rick made me turn the cake around and show that tiny spot where I took a little tiny sample the night before.  And I would do it all again.
Thanks for the cake and thank you to everyone else who made my day...weekend...week special.
It was a lot of fun.
Now that it's all over, and March is here...it's time to get serious.  I think I will head to the beach for a the rest of the day.

And Amara...you are so right.   If my legs still looked like they did in 1980, I'd be wearing that outfit every day.  Who cares what Audrey thinks about my pajamas.  just a minor modesty infraction.  hahaha.


Jacobson Five said...

What do you mean, you're a runner, so of course you have nice legs (right????). I expect to see you dress like that for Halloween.
Anyways, I am going to spend the next month being jealous of you and your warm weather.

Jess said...

love the bowl. I think it's funny that we have the same pattern. (blue and white amish)

Leslie said...

I love the look on Sierras face in the last one. I think she likes ya Kelli.

rin said...

Happy birthday! I'm a March baby too. : )

Amara said...

I thought a mouse did that?!? Glad you liked it. I can't wait for my birfdee when I'll make one of those guys for myself (Tia offered, but I'm selfish that way I guess)and eat it all myself. I may have to run a half marathon to make up for it, but I ain't got no 1980's legs anymore either, that ship has SAILED so maybe I'll just say who cares!?! Sure wish I'd found the bowl for you --but I'm glad Summer and Sierra did at least. Happy Hawaii beach day! who says you have to stop celebrating?