Friday, March 4, 2011

Hawaii Preview

first time at the beach--mauna lani
my mom picked a flower to attract a man

My mom accused us of trying to pull something sneaky.  
She thinks that this is a "Seniors Only" Island.  
Everywhere she looks, it's old people.
She thinks we brought her here to find a husband.

time for a pedicure
 my mom painted Sierra's nails in the dark without her glasses.
Then, everyone was a little surprised at the results.

Now, we are all beautiful and ready for a week of fun and excitement.
Stay tuned for more...Rick and the girls are going diving this afternoon.
Cole and I are going to the beach.
And Nan is going to be working on her tan.


Leslie said...

GO NAN!!! Good plan! Work on your tan to find a man.

(couldnt help myself)

Amara said...

I don't even have to say jealous do I?