Monday, January 23, 2012


I haven't written lately about any of the books that I have been reading, so here goes...
This book was first recommended to me last summer by the RS pres in my ward.
They were reading it for the book club that she was in and she invited me to participate.
Unfortunately, the book club was in 5 days and I had a conflict that evening, so I skipped out on the fun.
Fast forward to a few months later.
I was looking on my ipad for a book to read. 
Rick and I share a Kindle account.
I looked to see if there were any books that Rick had recently downloaded that I would be interest in.
I started reading this book before I even realized that it was about.
Typically this subject (WW2, war, fighting, POW) turns me off completely.
But, before I realized what I was getting myself into, it was too late--
I was hooked.
I read this book rather quickly.  It moves quickly.
Her writing is very precise.
She includes just enough detail to paint a seemingly accurate picture without being too gory.
I think everyone should have to read this book.
So many lessons to learn.
Would I recommend this book?  YES
Would I recommend this book to my 14 year old?   maybe a little young, but by high school, YES.
5 1/2 stars

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Carroll Family said...

Good to know - it's on my list!!!