Saturday, January 21, 2012

Star Quilt

the 2 pictures above are stacks of fabric that I will be using for my start quilt project.
Sierra chose the color scheme.

I had all of the fabric except 2 small pieces of orange and the creme colored background fabric which I picked up at CornWagon.
Here is a stack of the cream sitting by my sewing machine.  waiting.  just waiting.
And here is a stack of the cut colored pieces.
It takes 4 background pieces (above) and 5 colored pieces (below) to make 1 star.

Except that one you have the star components sewn, you leave it like this:
(you don't sew them together...until you have all 80 stars prepared)

Here is a little sample of how it comes together.
Because they "nest" you do  not sew them together until you are all the way ready to sew the quilt top together.

I just had to lay them out and get an idea if I am really going to like this before I make 72 more of these.
So far, so good.

This is in no way meant to to give any instruction whatsoever.  
Mostly just for mom & BK to see what I am talking about.

if you really want to see the tutorial go here oh, fransson (sparkle quilt)

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