Monday, January 9, 2012

Dinner with Elaine (Neon Trees) & Sabastian

So, Rick was working the other night...
and there was a (psych) patient in a room that was listening to Neon Trees.
One of the nurses said, "Oh, my friend is the drummer for the Neon Trees."
One of the rotating paramedic students said, "oh, my wife is the drummer for Neon Trees."

(I later found out that my friend, Jill is in the same ward as Elaine.  Isn't it funny what a small world it is?)

Rick was impressed with this student already, so he later talked to him about his wife & her band.
Rick asked if he could meet them sometime for dinner and bring his family.
Sabastian said that his wife was just getting ready to record their second album and then go on tour so it would have to be soon.
He and Rick texted a few times and were able to set up a dinner date at one of their favorite eating establishments:  TACO BELL.

We arrived at about the same time as they did and introduced ourselves.  
We walked in and the kids are like, "what is this place?"
Elaine and Sabastian are laughing at our poor, sheltered, naive children that have never eaten at TACO BELL. 
(little do they know that Rick survived on Taco Bell while in college, don't tell the kids)

So, Elaine orders as we are explaining the menu to the kids and then she turns to me and hands me these $5 gift cards:
They look like hot sauce packets, but if you look closely you will see that it really is a plastic card.
I was kinda embarrassed taking her gift cards to their favorite restaurant, 
but she said that her bands gets them all the time and she's happy to share.

Elaine and Summer are talking about music.
(I was secretly taking pictures with my phone.  hehehe)

First of all...this girl is SMART.
You can read more about her here:

and here:
mormon women project (not working right now, ugh)
ps. she is a return missionary, as are all members of the band.

She was so cute to talk to Summer and Sierra.
Her best advice was...
 don't compromise your standards for those around you, 
or in other words...surround yourself with others who share your same ideals or standards.
Her example was don't play music because to look cool, or to get chicks.
Play music for the sake of music.

Here is a video of their single that came out in December:
(kinda reminds me of the Killers)


Kristine said...

She's crazily amazing to watch perform. They opened for Brandon Flowers before they became big. I was impressed with them then & still am. What good advise for the girls to hear.

Amara said...

and she's cute too! (Just like super-grover). What a neat experience!