Thursday, January 5, 2012

a quilt top and a Cole-ism

While we were in St. G last week, I worked on some projects.  This is one of them.
It's just the quilt top, bit I love it so much I had to share.
I worked on some other projects, pictures to come later.
 I made Rick take the pictures.  Out on the front lawn.  In January.
I was waiting for the bus to bring Cole home from K and it was all I could do to NOT get out the lawn mower and mow the grass/leaves.
It's kinda weird.  I might go out and plant the tulip bulbs that I didn't get planted last fall.
 More pictures of me.
And my hair that I had done yesterday.
 I wonder if the neighbors would think I was more crazy for
*standing on the front lawn, posing for Rick in my quilt top
*mowing the front lawn??
I'm off...
to plant tulips, quilt, and a special dinner (pictures of THAT to come also)

We were at music class yesterday.
The kids had a pass-off.  The name of the song:
Miss Laura, the teacher, is so darn adorable.
She asked the kids if they knew what season it is right now.
Cole's hand immediately shot up:  "Spring"
Miss Laura:  "Well it feels like spring but do you have another guess?"
Cole:  "Christmas is over and there is no snow.  That means Spring."
Bless her heart, Miss Laura knows not to argue with that logic.
Spring it is.


Kristine said...

Love the quilt! I hope it'll be done in time for my bday ;-)

Amara said...

I wish it were spring!!! I hate winter. Someday (isn't someday a code for never?!) I've got to learn to do that. Oh! Speaking of sun...I keep meaning to tell you, Jeff is looking into solar panels. I told him I thought you guys might be interested. Looks like $8,500, but you basically don't pay for electricity for 25 years. Seriously.