Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project 38

This idea is completely NOT original to me.
I saw this on Pinterest a few months ago and I pinned it.
Here are the details...
This girl wanted to celebrate her 38th birthday in a special way, by doing 38 random acts of kindness for each year of her life on her birthday.
She asked friends, family, facebook friends, etc. to join her throughout the day to perform Random Acts of Kindness and to let her know about them.
She planned out 38 things to do throughout the day, but also took advantage of opportunities to present themselves throughout the day.
Her husband, 3 daughters, husband and husband's parents joined her.
She took pictures throughout the day to document their Random Acts of Kindness.
(they returned stray grocery carts, loaded groceries into cars, dropped coins on the playground for chilren to find while playing, fed parking meters, paid for cars behind them on the toll bridge, walked up to a family eating at Chili's and gave them a gift card for their meal, gave donuts and thank you notes to policemen, took a bag of clothes to the homeless shelter, taped coins to vending machines, left quarters at a laundromat, delivered handwritten valentines to an assisted living facility, mailed a letter to an old friend, brought in neighbors garbage can, left a thank you note for mailman and more.

At least 38 people joined her on her birthday in Random Acts of Kindness.
How fun is that??
Well, that sounds overwhelming to do all in one day, especially since Rick works on my birthday this year...
But, since I, too, am turning 38 and it's exactly 38 days until my birthday,
I thought it would be fun (and easier) to do one thing each day for 38 days.
I started today.
I made a treat and took it to someone that I normally wouldn't have taken a treat to.
It was her birthday.
I didn't get a picture--darn.  But I have proof that I made the treat!! (witnesses)
If you want to join in celebrating my birthday (which is on February 27 for the forgetful ones out there)
do a RAOK and let me know (here, facebook, email, or snail mail)
Your participation is optional, while my children's participation will be mandatory.
I will make a list of all of the RAOK's (is the 's grammatically correct? I think not)
My birthday, last year, with my vintage Pyrex that my girl's thrifted for me!
There may be one little, tiny fact in this post that is not entirely true but will not in any way hamper the effectiveness of this celebration.  38 days--GO!

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Amara said...

38? Huh. :) Another blog I follow pairs commenters up with each other to report their RAoKs every Christmas season. That was kind of cool. So we need to do 38 things? how does this work? We comment about them?