Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mom & Me...and other stuff

Cole had Mom & Me day at school last week.  He looked forward to it for weeks.
First off was a play called The Mitten.  Cole was an usher along with his friend, Brady.
We had to wait in the hall until one of the ushers came to get us and direct us to our seats with a flashlight. 
 Once we found our seat, the ushers got to recite their lines, "here's your seat.  Enjoy the show."
Then we got some popcorn, "here's your popcorn.  Enjoy the show."
Then came a program, "here's your program.  Enjoy the show."
After the play, we got to do Centers with the students.  
Cole and I are working on a pattern worksheet.
Then we got to have a cup of hot chocolate.
We could drink it plain, with marshmallows, or with whipped cream.
We had to color a paper cup of hot chocolate and then place it on a paper graph on the wall to be used for a Math project later in the week.  
Cole hasn't stopped talking about hot chocolate with whipped cream.
The next project was creating a Snowman S'more.

 I love the look of concentration on Cole's face.
He did not want any help.
Cole and his teacher, Mr. Kay (who is from Nephi, went to SUU, and likes NASCAR.)
Can you believe I let Cole wear his purple moon boots to school on the day of the big play?
Oh well, 3 other kids were wearing moon boots, too.

Cookies in the oven for some RAOK.

Sierra was talking to me on Monday morning.  
She said that she thought maybe she could be more productive at school. 
 I was hoping that by being more productive, she was considering learning how to spell.
But instead, she said that she could use her time better at school by taking her knitting to school.
I let her take it to school but I told her that if it got in the way, her teacher asked her to put it away, or kids started calling her "Martha", then she would have to not knit at school.
This is a project that she finished a few weeks ago.  
She got a book of patterns for knitting monsters recently and I think she is going to create every monster in the book.
This is the project that she took to school this week.  

She's almost done.  Some of the kids in her class have requested that she knit them a monster.
I told her to just teach them all how to knit their own monsters.


Carroll Family said...

That's cool!!! I have NO idea how to knit! I love the yarn keeper - great idea!

Kristine said...

1. Sierra is using those double needle things? I'm impressed!
2. You had WS Hot Chocolate at a school function? Who splurged for that?
3. And...I LOVE the purple moon boots. Bette would never let me have a pair. Speaking of moon boot, I was so mad that Casey Jackson wore moon boots the day of our 1st grade pictures which made me the 2nd tallest in the class. I didn't get be top row center. I'm still upset about that one after 29 years.

Jonathan and Teresa Herlevi said...

Super cute monster Sierra!

Amara said...

Tell Sierra I LOVE her monster! I'm also so glad you recorded this day for Cole, because I didn't record it for Kai, and it was such a lovely memory. That teacher is probably teacher of the year every year. We loved him. You look gorgeous in that first picture by the way.