Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today is our 15th Anniversary

to celebrate, this is what we did...
First, we are in Las Vegas.
I slept in while Rick went to some classes for a medical conference.
I ate an apple and a diet coke for breakfast.
I blogstalked for a while.
Rick met me in our room when it was time for lunch.
We decided to go to the mall to see what we could find to eat.
We had a sandwich. Yum. and a Nutella crepe. Double yum.
We walked back through the mall without making a purchase.
We drove back to Caesars Palace where we are staying.
We watched a Faith, Hope, and Charity (Sunday School lesson) by Glen Beck.
I had a nap while Rick watched the news.
We went to dinner for our anniversary.
We thought about going somewhere fancy (since it was our anniversary AND because Rick's portion would be reimbursed).
We thought about going to the same restaurant we ate at when we were here 15 years ago when we were here on our honeymoon.
We had a salad at the food court. It was one of the best salads I've ever had. Even though I had to drink Diet Pepsi.
We talked about going to a show (cirque, blueman group, Lion king). then we decided that was too expensive and decided to see a movie. Except that the movie we wanted to see does not start until tomorrow. Oh well. We'll catch it later this weekend.
So, now we are back in our room waiting for our show to start...30 Rock.

This is what we have decided:
We are boring. We both know it. And we are happy. I love you, Rick.


Carroll Family said...

Our anniversary was very similar - and yet, so wonderful!!!

Tia and Amara said...

That's OK. Jeff and I like to listen to Harry Potter tapes in the car for part of our dates. Science geek and computer nerd -that's us. You guys are glamorous next to us.

Jacobson Five said...

That is awesome. But we are the same. For one thing we are to cheap to even pay a babysitter let alone eat somewhere nice and a show, what's that? (we don't even go to the movies). We went to the Olive Garden for our 10th anniversary and that was "fancy".
Happy anniversary to you both.