Friday, April 16, 2010


Audrey & Amara and anyone else who wants to know...
The diapers probably can be sewn but I'm lazy.
So, I buy them at Walmart. They come in a 6 pack or a 12 pack. there are 2 styles--prefold and flatfold. They want flat fold. That means that they can be folded down to whatever size will fit the baby. So, if it's a premie, they can even be cut smaller if they need to. or folded differently to fit individual needs. The prefold ones are folded and sewn together so they are less flexible in their uses.
They are back by the baby stuff, but not the regular diapers, they are near the newborn clothing. they are usually just on the bottom shelf in a big stack. Just double check the label. Sometimes the prefold and flat fold are mixed together. I heard that you can get them at Babies R Us, but I haven't ventured up there lately since I can pick them up close by.
I usually just pick up a package of diapers each time I go to Walmart, but that hasn't been too often lately. And I needed over 160 diapers. I did get a pack from someone that was the prefold. I was going to take them back, but the package had been opened and they weren't all there. I am going to set them aside and donate them to the homeless shelter (do you think they have a need, Audrey?) if not, I will find a women's shelter or something for them.
I have put together 10 kits. I am starting on the next group of 10. I have almost enough diapers for that set of 10. So, I am pushing for diapers. (that's what I have been pushing for in RS for those who have asked.) I do still need 6 sets of socks and some soap. I have exactly enough gowns and pins. And I am still slowly sewing blankets. Thanks for your help.


Galo Fab 5 said...

Bring some blankets over for me to sew!!

Tia and Amara said...

OK --I'll get you some of them Walmart diapers :) Yay for us! Ten Ten Ten!

Jacobson Five said...

Next time I'm there I'll pick some up as well and maybe some socks as well.