Monday, April 12, 2010

Boy Camp

While we were in Las Vegas for a medical conference/anniversary/birthday/spring break getaway, the girls went camping with my sister and her family. well, she has 2 girls. So, it was explained to Cole that he was not invited because it was a "girl camp".
The very first thing that Cole said when we walked in the door at Rick's mom's house was..."Dad, we have to go to Boy Camp"
Nobody really knows what "Boy Camp" is, so Rick made it up. The following morning he had tickets to a race thingy out at Miller Motor Sports Park. One of his friends that he likes to go out there with couldn't go, so Cole got to go.

He was so excited when he got up that morning.

We packed a little bag of goodies for him to take.

the only problem was that they arrived during the lunch break so there weren't any cars on the track. By the time the cars started racing, Cole only had about 30 minutes of attention span left. So, there was not as much race car viewing as Rick had hoped. Oh well. They left early.
About half way home Cole said, "Let's go back". Rick said, "Too late."

But there was another surprise for "Boy Camp".
We got our rebate back from REI and had a 20% off coupon for one item, so Cole got a bike for 67 cents. WAHOOOO!!
When they stopped at REI, Cole still had no idea about the bike. He kept telling Rick, "I'd really like a bike." FINALLY Rick showed him his new bike. It's been 48 hours since the new bike purchase and I think that he has put about 100 miles on the bike. he doesn't even take off his cute little bike helmet when he comes in the house.

(not really an action shot, but here is the bike. He seems to think he needs to stick his tongue out every time he sees me with the camera...note: he IS wearing the bike helmet so that when he tires of digging in my flower bed, he can just jump back on the bike!)


Kristine said...

I wish I could have participated in the "Boy Camp." Fast cars & a new bike...sign me up!

Tia and Amara said...

I gotta teach my kids to ride a bike. They're just getting comfortable on their razors. That's awesome--boy camp.