Sunday, April 4, 2010

Newborn Kits Update...

This is a little sneak-a-peak at some of the supplies.

Here are the stats:
socks: need 8 more pair
diapers: need 100
soap: need 28 bars
blankets: have about 10 completed/donated.
Need help serging/sewing 30 more. (Supplies already purchased--just need free labor)
gowns: ENOUGH
pins: ENOUGH

Thanks for your help, everyone.
Thanks to Audrey for all of your publicity.
I took a little bit of time off from this project over the last couple of weeks to tackle the Blue & Gold Banquet and to do a little yard work, and sewing for my kiddos and my mom.
My sewing machine is going in for a yearly service/tune-up this week while we take a little Spring Break. But, by next week I'll be sure to break some child labor laws as I recruit my girls to help tackle this project and get it done before the weather warms up and we kiss winter good-bye once and for all.
Thanks again for all of your help.
I can barely talk about this project without getting teary eyed.

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Jacobson Five said...

Anytime I can give you a little publicity, I am happy to do it. It helps me feel like I am doing more with my calling, even if I'm not.
I do not have a surger, but I can sew a straight line. Let me know, I'd be happy to help!
I love that you get all teary eyed, it just shows what a good person you are!