Thursday, April 15, 2010

Project 40

10 Newborn Kits all put together and ready to be delivered to the Humanitarian Center.
30 more to go. I thought it might be easier to manage if we broke it down into groups of 10.
Still needing a few dozen diapers--88 diapers to be exact.

It was so cute putting those kits together.
Deciding which color of gown to put with which color of blanket.
Talking about whether it will go to a boy or a girl.
Wondering what they look like and what their name might be.
Wishing we could see their faces when they were wrapped up in their little blankets.
Holding them close to see if they still smelled like heaven...


Jacobson Five said...

Is that al you still need are the diapers, or is there more????

Tia and Amara said...

can I buy diapers somewhere or do I need to sew them? (sorry --I'm sure you've addressed this before). Hooray for the terrific fantastic spectacular babies! :)