Saturday, April 24, 2010

1/2 marathon

Before the race.

This is where we lined up for the Start of the race.
They had these markers beginning with 6 min mile, 7 min mile, 8 min. mile, 9 min mile.
And then the 10+ min mile.
I thought that was kinda rude that they didn't have a separate starting point for me and my 11 min. mile.
Oh well. It all worked out.

I forgot to take pictures in the tulip fields at Thanksgiving Point.
I think I was too cold to remember that I had my camera.
Plus, it was probably prohibited unless I paid the extra $10 admission to the Tulip Festival.
Mile 5...along the Jordan River Parkway.
This girl was nice.
She kept a steady pace and I stayed a polite distance behind her for most of the race.
I got a kick out of her retro Nike swoosh shoes.

For a while I thought that maybe they had stopped marking the miles because it seemed like about 5 miles between the 10 mile marker and the 11 mile marker.
Or maybe I was just running much slower.
The battery was dead on my iphone so I couldn't consult "Map my run" after 10 miles.
That's probably a good sign that I just need to run faster.
This was right after I crossed the finish line.
Once I stopped and got my medal I realized that I had no choice but to fiddle with my camera and take a bunch of pictures because my legs hurt to darn bad to take another step.
Eventually I did manage to make my way to the water cups that were off to the side.
Then I sat down and stretched my legs while they read off the raffle winners.
As badly as I wanted the Garmin watch, I silently prayed that they DIDN'T call my number because I was certain that I would not be able to get up and walk to the stage fast enough to claim my prize.
Yes, it was cold (34 degrees) at the start.
Yes, my knees were hurting by mile 3.
Yes, there are some chafe areas.
And lots of other details that I will spare,
But, I am proud of myself considering that I have a pin, a plate, and a screw in one foot and a staple in the other foot.
And just one year ago I absolutely could not have walked 1 mile,
not to mention run down my own driveway and back.
So, I am glad I did it.
And my time was 3 hours and 23 seconds.
I could have shaved off those 23 seconds if I had not been taking pictures along the way.
Thanks Amara.
BTW, Amara and I were neck & neck until we crossed the STARTING line and then Amara got her second wind and blew right past me and I never saw her again.


missliss5/Melissa said...

You absolutely rock! That's INSANE!!!! AND AMAZING!!!!!! Congratulations!!

Jess said...

good job you! I don't think I could even run aroung the block. Maybe some day I'll try running.

Merrills said...

You are so awesome!! That is quite the accomplishment - you rock!!

Julie said...

Congrats Kelli.

Kristine said...

Congrats!!! I'm so PROUD of you. That's something that I don't think I'll ever do & I'm quite jealous!

Jacobson Five said...

I'm proud of you too. If I would have known how fast you were, maybe I should have run it with you! Just kidding, I'm sure I couldn't have done it. You are my hero.
I asked Summer if she was there at the finish line and she said no she had something else going on. I asked her if Rick was there, no he had to work. I'm sorry, if I would have known maybe we could have been your pretend family.

Shannon said...

You're AMAZING!!!! Way to go!! And if you want the Garmin watch, I have one that is still in the box. I really should be using it, but I may be selling it. We'll see.

Tia and Amara said...

..shaved off 23 seconds --freakin' hilarious. Thanks for making me do this too. I would have never have thought of it. I kept forgetting you were coming back from major foot surgery. You are one tough lady. Who does a half marathon a year later??! Sorry I didn't watch you cross the finish line. I was too cold and thought you were probably way out in front anyway. I'm really hurting TODAY by the way. What's up with the delayed reaction thing?

Leslie said...

Wow Kelli!!! Thats beyond AWESOME! Good job!

Galo Fab 5 said...

Great job! You are awesome! I can't even run a mile and I don't have any pins or screws in me. I do have a bad knee though. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. :)