Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

This is a picture of my mom when she was 2.
(She's the girl on the right)
My aunt Dolores says that my Grandma Ethel made the bonnet.
Dolores tells it in her own words...
"It is so funny, but I can look at that picture of Nan Nell and remember her like it was yesterday, and I remember her bonnet. Mama made it and yes, we called them bonnets. Usually the front came forward to shade the face, but I think Mama must have pushed it back so the light would be on Nan Nell's face. They were made with several layers of fabric, some of it felt, and trimmed with ribbon and pinking shears. Also, she made shoes for infants using felt, with embroidery on the front and pinking shears. I remember them all so well. All the little girls had bonnets! The boy in the background is J. D. Reynolds, Shirlely's older brother. He and his sister, Ann, were my age. Shirley was born in the Richfield hospital the same day as Nan Nell and always looked skinny and anemic. Somewhere there is a hilarious picture of Nan Nell and Shirley in their "buggies", no strollers in those days"

I wish I had found this picture a little sooner and I would have made my girls an Easter bonnet.

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