Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sperry reunion in Nephi

Last Saturday, we attended the Sperry reunion in Nephi.
This would be Rick's side of the family.  And Rick was at work.
But, I wanted to go.
I think it is important for my kids to know who they are and from where they came, so we went...
And I did not take one single picture.  Luckily, Summer did.
The good thing about the get togethers with this family is that you can depend on good food and you can depend on the meal starting on time.
Kelli and Sierra filling up their plates
Waino enjoying a plate of pulled pork
Bette enjoys a variety of salads
Bev and Charlie fill their plates

Charlie, pretty much the best uncle ever.

Tausha and Waino telling stories

Tiffany and Cole

Kelli and Charlie
 Charlie and I were chit chatting when Summer took this picture.  It looks like I better be careful about the stories that I tell, because one of the stories made it into Charlie's High Council message at chruch the following day...
Bev and Cole

Bev always likes to make sure everyone gets a treat.

These are pictures of Rick's Great Aunt Janice.
She is holding a bottle of pickled beets.
Here is the funny story about beets...
Rick has always refused to eat beats since I have known him.  He says that he will only eat beets that are canned by his family with the family recipe.
I have always told him that nobody can pickle a beet better than my Grandma Ethel.
Last Summer we were at a family party at the Scera in Orem.
And there on the table was a bottle of pickled beets.
I think I ate the whole thing.
Rick was right.  They were good.  Almost as good as Grandma Ethel's beets.
So, Saturday in Nephi, there on the table was a bottle of pickled beets.
I made a big deal about them, not really knowing who brought them.
Well, turns out it was Janice and she was standing right there.
She had actually brought 2 bottles and she personally gave me the second bottle of beets to take home for my very own.
And to share with Rick, if I wanted.
She said that she keeps canning beets and her kids won't eat them and she is getting mad at them.
Now, she knows who appreciates her beets--ME!
Can't wait for the next family party!

 Here is the home where Bette grew up in Nephi.  
It's nice that someone is living in it and taking good care of it.
And this is the old Sperry home on Main Street in Nephi.

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Amara said...

You and Uncle Charlie look like you have the same storytelling face on. Mischievous is how you look. Good for you with going to "The other sides'" reunion! That Bev is a beautiful lady. I hope I look like her when I grow up.