Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garbanzo Beans/Chick Peas

We are home from St. George.  A few more pictures to come, but for now...
Garbanzo Beans!
I pressure canned these lovely beans (or are they peas?) a few weeks ago.
It was a first for me to rehydrate beans and then pressure can them.
One thing that I was NOT prepared for was that they would expand, a lot!
I had to keep adding water and moving them into more pots.  Adding water.  And adding pots.
And the next thing you know, my kitchen was full of beans.
I was afraid I was going to have to fill the bathtub! jk

I only soaked about half of the 25 pound bag.
(I should have done a quarter of the bag.  Now I know...)
I soaked them over night, then the following day I pressure canned them.
It took 3 rounds of pressure canning.  I ran out of jars.
I did some in quarts and some in pints.

There were some leftover that didn't make it into the pressure canner--I wasn't about to go for 4 rounds of pressure canning.
And there was a jar that didn't seal.  So, we had plenty of extra garbanzo beans.
Rick used them to make hummus.
It was the best hummus I've ever tasted.
Probably because they were the best garbanzo beans I have ever tasted.
I'm so glad to have 38 quarts of garbanzo beans on the shelf.
You know, so that when the zombies come, we can enjoy a nice batch of homemade hummus.
Next up:  Pinto beans.


Carroll Family said...

Never thought of that - I should do that!

Amara said...

My parents used to always boil them from dry whenever they made hummus. They never used canned. I've always thought "how much of a difference could the flavor be?" and have stored canned. Now you're making me wonder...

Amara said...

OK but pinto beans I KNOW ---that makes a difference. I love fresh cooked. and canned? meh.