Sunday, June 10, 2012

F is for Fredonia

This is the sign we saw when we left Pipe Springs National Monument.

The most important thing about Fredonia is that is the last drop of civilization before the Grand Canyon.
And that is important if you are a Grand Canyon River Guide.
There are several different companies that have warehouses in Fredonia as well as Kanab.
One of them is Tour West which is the company that Rick worked for when he was a river guide.
So, we had to take the long way through Fredonia to check out the warehouse:

Pretty impressive, yes?  the kids certainly thought so...not.

As we circled back through Fredonia on our way to St. George this sign caught our (my) eye:
So, we made a quick U-Turn (which was probably illegal)
(Which was OK, because we later found out that the reason Kanab and Fredonia both looked like ghost towns--many of the shops had hand made signs that said, "closed.  sorry for the inconvenience."--was because there was a big fire over by Cedar City and everyone in town was out fighting fires.  Sadly, with the water situation, this will probably be the case most of the summer.)

We pulled up in front of this little house.
Don't let the picture fool you.  It was jam packed full of awesome antique goodness.
The cute little owner was an encyclopedia of antique knowledge. 
She had a story, statistic, or fact for every single item in that little tiny house.
And if that we're enough, the building to the side of the house (on the right in the above photo) was also full of antiques.  She had to get the keys and take us over for a tour of that house, too.
If we would have had more time, she would have taken us on a tour of the 2 shipping containers out back that were full of antique furniture.
She doesn't have room in the house for all of the furniture, so if she sells something big out of the problem.  She can just go out back and find just the right item to fill its space.

We totally recommend this little antique store in Fredonia if you are ever in the neighborhood.
You can't miss it.
It's right in the center of town where the highway makes a "T" intersection.
Look for the big ANTIQUE sign!

We did manage to make it out with just a couple of items...
I got this fantastic enamel pot.

And Rick chose this cool, old 7-up crate to go with his vintage drink machine collection.

This is how they look on the shelves in St. George


Amara said...

and WHAT is the shelving thing? That looks so cool. Was it from a library? a bakery?

rin said...

Do you have a house in St. George???? We should find a time to meet for a hike or something this summer!