Tuesday, June 19, 2012

YW Camp at Goblin Valley State Park

Goblin Valley

This is a slightly out of focus picture of the youngest girl at camp.
Way to go Sierra!  You are tough.

Hiking Little Wild Horse


 It was so cute...Brother Foster helped teach the girls how to tie a bowline knot (since the rest of us leaders were clueless)
He taught the girls when they would use it and then showed them how to tie it around their waists.
He helped each of them one at a time until they could all do it correctly.
Then he had them all stand in a line and had them race to see who could do it the fastest.
We did it several times until each girl had a chance to win 
(laffy taffy was the prize.  They would have done it all day--at least as long as the candy lasted but we had to move on to more certification requirements!)
Here is the water station.  The jug on the bottom right is the water we brought from home.
The jug on the top left is the water that came from the pump.
Then on Friday morning, the pump went dry.
Water was out throughout the entire campground.
Which also meant no flushing toilets, no showers, and NO MORE drinking water.

 Summer had her guitar (of course) and her group came up with the most entertaining skit.
Sure wish I had video of that one.  Maybe I can get them to reenact their skit.
But I'm sure it won't be the same without the redrock and tents in the background.
 The theme for the first day was "stick with it" and Sister A (and Brother A) made hotdog roasting sticks for the entire camp.
Conveniently, hot dogs and s'mores were on the menu.

 I was in charge of the spiritual message and craft on the last day.
Our theme was Temples.
We made these temple blocks that have pictures of various temples and say..."I'm going there someday"
It's hard to come up with a craft that 32 girls can do and will do.
I think these turned out about 98% successful.

 This was the backdrop for our testimony meeting on the last night.

Summer hijacked the camera and so here is the one picture that there is proof that I actually attended camp.  
(As if the red tint to all of my socks, clothes, and bedding is not proof enough)
I got caught sneaking cookies out of the food trailer.
I'm sure that's hard to believe.


Leslie said...

What an awesome craft! Girls camp is the best!

Lorina said...

I am thinking about taking my young women to Goblin Valley this coming June. Did you stay in the group site at the Goblin Valley campsite? I have never been but want to reserve a good place for 30 or so people. Thanks!