Sunday, June 24, 2012

Veyo Pies

It occurred to me today that I missed recording a life changing event that we experienced earlier this month.
This happened while we were in St. George on our venture to find Mountain Meadows.
We headed north towards Pine Valley.
This bright red sign caught our eye.
 We decided to stop on the way back from our adventures.
Sadly, I was so completely transformed by our experience that I forgot to document the actual pie.
We ordered 3 pot pies--2  chicken and 1 beef.  
Then we got 3 pieces of pie--1 pecan, 1 sour cream lemon, and 1 volcano pie since we were in Volcano Country (it was chocolate and butterscotch and lots of whipped cream).
Veyo is little more than a junction in the road to get to Gunlock Reservoir.
I am pretty sure I will never taste pie that good again.
Can't wait for another trip to Veyo even if it's a bit out of the way.
There is a huge map on the wall inside the tiny lobby area.
There are pins marking locations of some of the many visitors to Veyo Pies.
People from all over the world.
So, really it's just a short trip to Veyo for pie compared to the distance some people travel to taste the world's best pie.
And it really is.

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Amara said...

You also didn't bring back a piece for me to sample to figure out how to copy. I feel that way about this place in Moab. It was an Italian restaurant that had this big story on their menu about how the recipes came from the Italian Grandmother who used to cook for the King of Italy or something. That marinara. Oh. My. Gosh. They sold it by the jar I noticed on my way out, and I didn't get one and I've been kicking myself ever since. I've tried to copy but I can't.