Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Otis and the Tornado

Cole's class has the activity called "Royal "Reader" where a parent gets to come in on Friday and read a story to the class.  The kids always want you to bring treats and ask about a million times if you brought a treat.  We didn't bring treats.  I think the kids hate us.
A few weeks ago, I read a story and did an airplane craft.
This week, Rick read the story...
He said that he wasn't going to wear the cape, but somehow we managed to sneak it around his neck.

Do you see the tornado in this picture?  These books have great illustrations.
Cole loves them because they are about a tractor.

After Rick read the story, we talked about tornados.  
The kindergarteners always have great stories to tell.
Then Rick pulled this gallon jar out of his bag.
It was about 2/3's full of water with a drop of dish soap and 2 kinds of glitter (very fine and very heavy).
If you shake the jar hard enough and get the water moving fast enough it makes a tornado in the water.  Because of the little bit of soap bubbles and glitter you can easily see where the water makes a funnel inside the jar.  The kids all gathered in a circle and took turns "making a tornado".
It was fun, but some of the girls were afraid to make a tornado.
Cole watched as his friend, Brady, made a tornado.

Rick practices making a volcano at home...
shake really hard

Can you see the little funnel in the water?
The bubbles and the glitter help to see where the water is spinning.
We left the tornado jar sitting on the counter for a week.
Every time someone walked past, they gave it a little shake and watched for a tornado.
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Amara said...

Enough with the treats already! I'm so glad Easter is over so we're officially out of the treat season for a few months. --Not that there's anything wrong with that (once in a while!). Can you still buy that metallic heavy glitter? I guess you must be able to somewhere :)

Commonman said...

Hi Kelli,

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It was fun to read about a descendant of Zenos, after reading other stories about him. I would enjoy finding out what else your family could tell me about Zenos.

I am also interested in the family histories behind the stories. When I work in the temple it is always interesting to see how the families come together.

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