Sunday, April 15, 2012

Conference Weekend

 We went to St. George for Conference Weekend. 
The weather wasn't fantastic but we did get out to the pool for a few minutes on Saturday.
Kristine planned an egg hunt for the kids.
 We wanted to make it fun for the older kids, so we did it in the dark and I brought flashlights for everyone.  
 It was really fun, but by the time I figured out how to use my camera in the dark, the eggs had all been found.
 Checking out the loot.
Cole is funny, he'll share his candy with everyone.  
Even his sisters who both ended up with more candy than he did.  

Lillie had her first taste of sour patch bunnies, or something like that.

"Give me more! that tastes good!"

Lillie is a good baby, as long as she is being held, which is 

Hooee was really concerned about this little person that everyone seemed to be making a fuss over.
Every time Lillie let out a sound, Hooee's ears would perk up and he'd jump up to see what was happening.

We had some good food, did a little shoe shopping, got a little bit of Vitamin D, enjoyed the conference messages, ate some Easter candy, and made everyone a survival bracelet.
(Good news everyone...we have more colors of paracord and new designs)

oh, and we watched about 6 episodes of Preppers.
We are way behind on our "prepping" and need to get serious again about stockpiling, and getting some skills.  Fun times.


Amara said...

I guess I should check out preppers. Hey --I just saw one of those bracelets on Hannibal Smith on the A-team dvd we were watching last night! Now you know how cool they are!

Amara said...

K wait --which Preppers? There is the American Preppers network, Preppers website, doomsday preppers, etc.