Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Birthday

My Dad's Birthday was March 25.
And it was a Sunday.
So, we threw a party.
Lanny hosted the shin-dig because he lives closest to the cemetery.
And in my family, we are kinda cemetery nuts.
So, we had a little BBQ...
 Looks like Jason found the best seat in the house yard.
He had good company.  Not sure how much he enjoyed his meal like that...
love the socks, Lanny.  socks with crocs.  black socks with crocs.
black socks with crocs with camo.

Gage enjoyed the cupcake top.  
Oreo mint.  Brandi found the recipe on Pinterest.  score.

 Lanny, Brody, and Grandma Nan

Things were a little too quiet, so Lanny broke out the BB gun.

These are cards that Lanny's kids made for my dad.
The favorite one of mine is the green one, "His favorite color is green"

After the party, we all drove up to the cemetery to clean of the headstone and put some flowers at my dad's grave.  Miss ya dad.

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Amara said...

For your Dad being gone, you sure keep him present in your life. I hear about him all the time. I think that is really cool.