Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jazz Recital at BYU

Summer has been taking voice lessons from the most fantastic instructor at BYU.
You can check out Tara's blog here.  She is a talented photographer as well as being musically talented.

This is Summer and Megan from last semester.  
I thought the recital from last semester was great, but the recital this semester was even better.
Summer and Megan performed a song from Toy Story last semester
 This semester the theme was Jazz and Tara told the performers to "think 1940's".
Tara Butler gives the audience instructions for appropriate crowd behavior before the performance

Summer sang "Dream a Little Dream of Me" and played her ukelele with it.
There was a band that accompanied the singers.
Summer played alone for the first verse and then the band joined in for the rest of the song.
I thought it was super!

Dream a Little Dream of Me
We experimented with a few hairstyles, but I couldn't quite recreate the look I was going for and the look that Summer was satisfied with...So this is what we came up with:

Tara performed at the end of the show.  She was awesome.
Summer just loves Tara.  In fact, she wants to be "Tara" when she grows up.
To see more pictures from the Jazz recital check this out
(There are some great shots of the band, performers, Tara, and the type of hairstyle I was trying to recreate.)

I was so impressed with the whole show, but I am a little partial to this performance...


Shannon said...

She is so dang good!!!! Love it!

rin said...

I checked out the video! What a lovely girl with a beautiful voice! I wish she and Jaycie could be friends.

Amara said...

Listen to that resonance on the higher notes! She's a ringer! Now I want to go take some voice lessons again!