Tuesday, May 8, 2012

still alive, barely...

We've been under the weather.  In a bad way.  We are going through cough medicine, tissues, and cough drops by the truck load.  And it lasts forever!  Cole missed 5 days of school.   I tried to get on the treadmill yesterday and continue begin  my training for the Utah Valley Half Marathon.  I couldn't even run, my chest hurt so bad when I started to breath heavy.  Bummer.  I might be walking a half marathon.  or crawling.
But, I did manage to get this little baby quilt put together.  I cut out enough for 3 baby quilts.  I got this one put together last week.  I have 2 more babies to sew for in the next few months.  I secret hope they are both boys because the squares are already cut for 2 more quilts.
Hard to tell in this somewhat blurry picture, but there are cars on some of the prints.  Perfect for little boys.
I still have a bunch more pictures from Rick's b-day and spring break.
So, we're still alive.  Trying to make it through the last few chaotic days of school.


Carroll Family said...

It's so cute! I need to come up and have a quilting camp at your house!!!

Amara said...

I love that pattern with the asymmetric squares! I didn't even know you guys were sick. What kind of a crappy neighbor am I?