Friday, May 11, 2012


We went to a Stake Youth Spiritual Night a few weeks ago where they talked about Family History.
They showed us how to make these fan charts of our ancestors.
It's completely impossible to read here.  But, it will give you the option to upload it to a printing location of your choice, such as Staples, where it can be printed out on poster size paper.  Pretty cool.  I'm totally going to do that when I have a spare minute.  Which might not be until December 22, 2012.


Carroll Family said...

We gave these to our parents for Christmas - they are So COOL!!!!!!

Amara said...

K, I'm doing this. It is really cool. Jeff made me forward this post and the links in your email to Tia because his friend and him have been talking about it too. On mine, I know my Dad's mother's side will be all blank --it's the Italian line that's dead-ended. I was thinking today in church, I REALLY need to learn Italian and try to figure that out.