Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 generations of Dalton

This is one of the approximately 150 photos that I "borrowed" from my Aunt Dolores last year, scanned last fall, and passed out to my mom, siblings, cousins, and Aunt Dolores on Mother's Day.
When we initially sorted through these photos, we assumed this was an important photo.  However, when I was scanning this photo and labeling it, I didn't know exactly who it was.  I emailed the photo to my mom.  She had a hard time identifying the women in this photo.  She guessed that they were Daltons--because they obviously we NOT Nortons and because they had a "Dalton look" to them.
Well, I got an email from my cousin, Melinda a few days ago.  They had taken a closer look at the photos and were able to identify these 5 people.  It is a 5 generation photo and according to Dolores, they are...
Grandma Catherine Melissa Hulet Dalley, (my Great-Great-Grandmother:  18 May 1860 (Springville, UT)- 28 November 1856 (Joseph, UT; buried in Circleville))
Grandma Ida Marilla Dalley Dalton, (my Great-Grandmothe:r  10 September 1884(Summer, UT)- 30 April 1976 (Circleville, UT))
Iola Melissa Dalton Macintosh, (my Grandpa, Morgan Leon Dalton's sister:  26 February 1907 (Circleville, UT)Jan 1975 or 1973)
Wanda Fauntell Macintosh Riddle, (11 October 1925 (Junction , UT)-19 January 1973, (Antimony, UT))
and her baby Jeanine Riddle.

So, although not all 5 people in this photo are in my direct line, it is significant because as of now, this is the only picture that we have of Catherine Melissa Dally and Ida Marilla Dalley.
And we have very few photos of my Grandfather, Morgan Leon Dalton, especially pictures of him as a baby or a child.  
I am just sad that the photo is damaged.  I will have to do some research to determine the approximate date of this photo.
More photos and stories to come...
my mom has determined that by the age of the baby (her cousin), this photo would have to have been taken around 1940,1941.  Still working on this...

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Amara said...

That's a landmark date. You'd think there might be a clue somewhere in the photo to tell us if the war started or not. They're wearing stockings, but I don't know when those were rationed...