Saturday, March 3, 2012

RedRock Geocaching

Just in case you are trying to orient yourself...
This picture was taken from the red rocks Northish of the St. George Temple.
I think it's called Pioneer Park.  
I never thought that you could find so many hikes, trails, nooks & crannies so close to downtown SG

 Cole was just climbing around these rocks like a lizard.  Kinda freaking me out.
 Once we discovered how much space was out there to be discovered, we pulled out the cell phone/GPS and looked up some caches.
Found It!
 Had to take a picture of myself to document my participation.  I love how you can see my arm in the reflection.

 Kelli & Sierra
 Cole & Rick were looking for another cache...the clue said that it was in a nook & cranny.
There were lots of nooks & crannies.
 Still looking...
 Found it!
Then we had to find our way back down.  We decided to follow this fault line.

 Perfect weather.
 We were a little thirsty, so we found this pond.  It was mostly clear, so we took a big drink.
Not.  We had to listen to the giardia story again.  
We won't be drinking stagnant, green, pond water, EVER!
This was a fun hiking area.  Easy for the kids (not so easy for me, just 24 hours after running the 1/2 marathon, my toes were not yet working correctly).  Lots of trails.  Lots of cool rock formations.  Close to the parking area.


Amara said...

Beautiful! I think I might have camped near here in college. Is there a red rock campground there? We went rock climbing and stuff.

Amara said...

Crap. I knew I'd mentioned that stupid camping trip on some comment somewhere. Right. The post before this. I have no idea if we went to red rock or red cliffs or what. Those both ring the same bell in my old brain.