Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wooden Spools

 Here is my vintage canning jar with my vintage wooden spools.

Then I went thrifting a few weeks ago and got all this for just $3:
 I more than doubled my wooden spool collection.
 I'm loving all the bright colors.

Hard to tell but the prices are .25, .35, and some .50 
But the ones with yellow price tags... 8 Cents!
Much better price than the 8.00 quilting thread I have been buying.
Wooden spools remind me of my dad.
One time we were in Circleville and he asked my Grandma Ethel if she had a wooden spool that we could use.  Of course, she said yes.  My dad hammered 4 tiny little nails in the top in a square pattern around the hole.  Then he taught me how to use a hook and "crochet" the thread into a long cord by wrapping the thread around the nails and pulling it over top with the hook.  Or does that count as "knitting"?...I don't know.  But the wooden spools still always remind me of my dad.  When I was a kid I thought he knew everything.  Probably just because he was good at math.  And because he knew how to set up a quilting frame.

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Amara said...

My great grandma Earley used to watch us when my mom went to relief Society, and saved all of her wooden spools for us to play with in a little cupboard. Good memories.