Monday, March 19, 2012

Blue Angels

Rick was working all weekend.
The kids were out of school on Friday.
For some insane reason I thought it was a good idea to take the kids to St. George for a few days.
The Blue Angels were doing an air show at the brand new airport.
Every time we were in Florida we managed to miss the Blue Angels, so I looked into tickets for St. George.  The fancy tickets were all sold out and the only tickets available were General Admission.
So, we did the next best thing:
We watched the show for free one mile directly south of the runway.
Which was mostly a good idea except for the fact that it was pretty much the coldest day St. George has seen all winter long.  There was a high wind warning for the area for most of the day and it was cold!

This is a view of the line-up of traffic trying to get to the airport.
This is where we stopped and set up camp for the afternoon.

 These were our neighbors for the day...
There were supposed to be 40,000 people at the airport, but I think there were 40,000 outside of the airport, too.

A really loud jet that I don't know the name of...
 An airplane with twirly wing things...

Intermission.  It was so cold.  We threw the blankets out on the ground with the tumble weeds and red dirt and curled up.  Sierra snuggled up next to me and within 2 minutes she was snoring.  That kid can sleep ANYWHERE.

More views of the crowd outside the airport...

It was so cold.  Some of our "neighbors" called their friends who were actually at the airport because the intermission was sooo long.  We were trying to find out what was going on.  We were all thinking that maybe they were delaying or cancelling because of the wind/rain.  The people at the airport didn't know what was going on either because the wind was blowing so badly that they couldn't hear the announcer. People were leaving left and right.  
So, we decided to pack up camp and head out, too.

This is my conclusion...
If you're cheap and you don't care too much about airplanes, then go hangout just outside of the airport where the airshow is being held.  (me)  You'll see some cool airplane tricks and get a kick out of watching the other people that are too cheap to purchase tickets, but not too cheap to pick up $300 worth of food to enjoy the show.
If you care a lot about airplanes and can name them all, then purchase the spendy tickets and plan on being there for the full day and enjoying the air-conditioned bathrooms that come with the fancy package deal.  (rick)
And if you have Cole with you, just stay home.

We tried to go hangout at the hot tub for a while to get our toes to warm up.
That didn't happen either.
We decided it was just too cold in the desert and at 7:45 pm we headed home in a terrible wind and rain storm.  It was only bad for about 45 minutes.   
After that it was the easiest drive home I can remember.  
But, that was also about the same time Cole fell asleep. 


Amara said...

THAT'S why you were down there eh? Glad it was too cold to stay and you could come cheer me on for my dumb talk :)

Tara B said...

My favorite line "and if you have Cole with you, just stay home". Too bad the weather wasn't better it sounds really cool!

Tara B said...

My favorite line "and if you have Cole with you, just stay home". Too bad the weather wasn't better it sounds really cool!

Corinne Baird said...

Next time drive a little farther and come see us! : )

Carroll Family said...

Fun! Growing up in the Air Force, i miss these shows!!!