Wednesday, March 7, 2012

O Canada

This post is entirely for Rick because nothing about this trip was about me.
Rick made sure I had my camera.
He said, "Just think about how cool it will be to blog about this fun trip."
This fun trip is all about this:
This is Rick's piece of junk Landrover that he had shipped from England. yep.  it's true.
Needless to say it needs some work, and apparently some more parts. 
Parts that were found in CANADA.
So, Rick planned a romantic getaway to Alberta.
The day after my birthday.

Here we crossing the border to Idaho.  
Rick was so sweet to slow down so that I could take this picture.
(Note:  all pictures were taken from the position in the front passenger seat)  

more of Idaho...

NOT the man upstairs...

Made it to Montana...

For a minute I thought we were in Brazil

Break out the passports...

Oh, wow.  There is a Costco in Lethbridge...
too bad we didn't have time to stop.
We were trying to get out of town quick.
I didn't even get a picture of the exchange of cash for a trailer full of Landrover parts.
2 reasons:  it was too darn cold to move from my seat warmer to take a picture...
and it kinda felt like we were doing something slightly illegal as a while van pulled up next to our trailer and 2 guys with beanies and sunglasses jumped out and started hauling stuff onto our trailer in the parking lot of a 7ELEVEN.  true.  I was just hiding the front seat.
oh, we did get a receipt.  I guess that makes it legit.

One thing that we did (besides listen to our favorite 80's tunes) was to convert all of the speed limit signs from kilometers to miles in our heads.  
Why, oh why, do we not use the metric system in the US?  crazy.

Rick was wishing he were in the mini so he could just go 100 mph and then claim that he was confused and thought it was miles not kilometers...


more scenery

an LDS chapel on the way to Cardston.

 approaching Cardston.  Can you see the temple?
Right in the center of town, up on a hill.  awesome.

Cardston Alberta Temple

Looks like we're still in Canada.

We came around a turn on the highway and saw this in the distance.  
At first it looked like a cloud.  We thought we would be able to tell what it was pretty quick, but it was so huge that it took us forever to get close to it...It is Glacier National Park.

Rick chose to pass back into the US through a less busy border crossing.
This is on highway 89, just next to Glacier.
I think we were the only ones to cross the border on Wednesday.  or all week.

Back to the USA and miles per hour.

Rick slowed down just enough for me to get a shot of this cool art

Glacier National Park

This picture is for Cole.  He thinks it cool that they randomly put the alphabet on hills throughout the countryside so we can be entertained looking for letters while we drive.

 Home to this:  

The goods...

Wasn't that awesome of Rick to plan this fun little getaway...
And wasn't it even more awesome that I actually agreed to go with him?


Leslie said...

What an awesome guy.. So romantic.

Amara said...

I ....can't understand why you took this trip, but I'm glad you had ... well some good pictures and music!