Sunday, February 26, 2012


The first surprise is that my mom agreed to come to St. George with us.
The second surprise is that she brought Halle with her.
The third surprise is that Brandi and Hunter called on Friday and said that they were on their way (with Cami & her 3 kids.  surprise!)

 When we were in St. George last weekend (Presidents Day) we discovered that on February 25 there would be a Washington City 1/2 Marathon.  And the starting line was right out the back door and across the golf course. 
We pretty much quit our running training last fall and only started running again a few weeks ago.
The furthest I have run been running lately has been 7 miles.
So, on Tuesday I tried running 10 miles.  did it.
On Wednesday, Rick ran 11 miles.  easy.
So, on Thursday, we signed up for the 1/2 marathon.
We couldn't resist since the starting line was right out our back door.
It was a small crowd that seemed to be in the younger age groups.  I was the oldest one there!
It was a fun course.  I would certainly do this one again.  
I loved running through the Virgin River Gorge.
Mile 10 (uphill) kicked my tail and was the only place where I walked (about 1/4 of a mile).
This is also when Rick texted me to tell me he had finished.  His best time ever:  1:52.  wow.
He turned around and started running back to meet me.
He met up with me at mile 11.  I was so happy to see him.  
But I knew it meant one thing:  I would be running the rest of the way to the finish line.
I was mostly happy.
I finished with my 2nd best time ever:  2:39
Rick ran a total of 17.5 miles yesterday.  Wow.

Then it was PARTY time.  
We celebrated my birthday with sandwiches followed by cake and ice cream.
We had planned to go out to eat somewhere nice.
But, this is more my style.  Plus, I didn't want to walk.  at all.

 Brandi gave me the cute necklace that I am wearing and Rick surprised me with a cute silver ring from Tiffany's.  Big surprise!!


Brandi said...

That was super fun. I can't eat the rest of the cake! Loved your 2nd home. We will be back next week!

Shannon said...

You guys are amazing!! Congrats on your best times! And Happy Birthday!!!

Amara said...

So proud of you with that half! You're amazing. Happy birthday again and again and again.