Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hard Bread

Every few days I will turn on my laptop to discover that Cole has been playing with photobooth.
I think it's funny, so I don't say anything.
And he just thinks he is being sneaky.
I know that because he makes videos sometimes and he has said so.

 These were taken on at least 3 different days because of the different shirts that he is wearing...
 Maybe one of these days he will teach me how to use Photobooth...
(that's me in the background reading a funny post about if Mitt wins the presidency will his Home Teachers have to call secret service to make an appointment and other funny stuff.)

Another Cole-ism...
  I had been running.  
Cole came home from school so I made him some lunch.  
Then I told him that I to shower and that he could watch a show in my bedroom while I showered.  
When I got done getting ready, I went out to check on Cole.
I asked him what he was eating.
He said, "I'm eating Hard Bread."
I had to stop and think for a minute what he was talking about.
I said, "Cole, where did you get hard bread.  We don't have any hard bread"
He said, "Well, it was soft bread when I put it in my dresser last week."

Other news...
I got some "Love Mail" today.
Rick signed us up to run the Red Rock Relay.
80 stars are done for the star quilt.  pictures to come.

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Amara said...

Oh my gosh! His wife is going to love you for saving all of these.