Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here is Cole's Valentine Container:
 Luckily I had this container on hand for a different project from the past.
I found some stickers.  I was thinking I still had some tractor and dump truck stickers, but I couldn't find them.
I was able to find some hearts and some letters.
At first Cole did NOT want to put hearts on his container, but it didn't take long for him to see my vision of this project.  
Bless his heart.  He used every single heart sticker from the stash.
We didn't put too much advance thought into this project.
We were still attaching stickers while tying shoes and zipping coat and running out the door to catch the bus.  (complete procrastination)
Also, Cole was super frustrated with me for choosing his valentines.  
They were Transformer Valentines that came with a pencil.  
We folded the Valentines just a bit and the pencils slipped into the slits.  
Perfect.  Not.  Because girls DO NOT LIKE Transformers.  Everyone knows that.  
He was so reluctant to even take his Valentines to school.
I think Sierra finally convinced him that it would be OK to get a Transformers pencil from a boy.

When he came home from school he was grinning from ear to ear with all kinds of candy, chocolate, and sticky stuff hanging out of this little, round, heart-covered box.

Such a hit and he was so pleased to give out his pencils because he got about 5 pencils back--all of them different.

In Contrast...Sierra's Valentine Container:
Sierra had sketches and drawings in preparation for this creation.
She came up with this idea completely on her own. 
And carried it out without any help.
Except the glue gun is still out and construction paper grass is all over the house.
It is called "Love Shack"

Here is the best part...
She had Rick help her download "Love Shack" by the B-52's.   
Then she got permission from her teacher to play it on her ipod while her classmates walked around the classroom to judge the Valentine containers.  
It was a competition that she took very seriously and is still waiting for the results.

I'm not sure why all of these teachers think it's such a good idea to send this assignment home for the kids to do. (parents to do).  And I'm not sure why they think it's such a good idea to make it a competition.  It was almost like Reflections and Science Fair all over again.

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Amara said...

OK, it never occurred to me to plan Kai's valentine box, because with the girls? They were all over it all by themselves. Valentine's day morning Kai said "I need a box!" We looked all over the house and found a shipping box he cut a hole in, and wrote Kai on with a sharpie. Done. I was sure he'd want to decorate it a little? Nope. He was out the door in two minutes flat.